Horoscope is prepared on the basis of planetary position at the exact time of birth, date and location. Persons whose birth place is in India should provide the name of the nearest City/Town to the birth place. Persons whose birth place is outside India should provide latitude and longitude of the town/city. Detailed horoscope includes the Nirayana Longitudes, planetary positions, Sapthavarga chart, Surya-Chandra Samudayashtavarga, Bhava-Asraya results(House & Sign), Yoga results, Kala chakra dasa periods, Panchanga results, Dasa-Antardasa periods and results, General predictions, Dasa-Antardasa periods and remedies to remove malefic effects during the dasa periods. Charges per Horoscope: In India and other countries Rs. 1001, (Inclusive of postage) Full payment in advance by draft/money order in favour of P . Vijaya Kumar. Delivery: Within 15-20 days of receipt of order and charges.

Astrologer Vijayakumar's Detailed Program Calendar