"Ashtamangala Prasna / Deva Prasna" is an integral part of Kerala's astrological traditions. This is used for finding out the root causes and solutions for a wide range of purposes such as unsolved serious family problems, infertility, continuous failures in business units, and also for the auspicious activities of construction of temples. Ashtamangala prasna reveals the good and bad effects of the past, present and future and also find out the remedies whereever required to remove the malefic effects. Generally, ashtamangala is required to be performed by two or more astrologers depending upon the necessity as decided by the Acharya(the Chief astrologer) who the querist meet with his requirement and the duration may extend to 2 or more days.


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  • Astrologer Chethallur Vijaya kumar Visiting in Bangalore Every month First Sunday...\Place CV Raman Nagar .KR Puram.Sanjeevappa lay out.
  • Astrologer Chethallur Vijaya kumar Visiting in Chennai Every month Second Saturday & Sunday..

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